PDFX-ready is a Swiss initiative founded in 2005. The goal is to promote and facilitate the use of the PDF/X ISO standards for the exchange of printing data.
PDFX-ready creates guidelines, instruction sheets (called recipies), application settings (colour, pdf export) and preflight profiles. The PDFX-ready specifications are based on the PDF/X-Plus specifications of the Ghent (PDF) Workgroup.
Ghent (PDF) Workgroup

PDFX-ready Preflight profiles V1.5/V2.5 released
PDFX-ready has updated the preflight profiles for Acrobat Pro. The latest versions feature the following changes:

V2.5 (for PDF/X-4):
Removed check for single-color hairlines (< 0.125 pt) since these lines are no longer problematic in modern CTP and Digital workflows.
Check of multi-color objects (text < 8 pt; lines < 0.25 pt) also for Digital Printing.
More details explanations for spot color check.
Compatibility with PDF/X-4 created by QuarkXPress 2016/2017.
V1.5 (for PDF/X-1a):
New checks for recognition of black texts and vektors which most probably were re-separated (was alredy in V2.4).
More details in explanation for spot color check.
Removal of check "Annotation of this type not allowed (GWG)" (alignment with V2.x).
Download Preflight profiles

PDF/X in a Nutshell
At the PDF Days Europe PDF Association has published a brochure entitled PDF/X in a Nutshell with these chapters:

- The history of PDF/X
- PDF/X: The key facts
- Technical side and requirements of PDF/X
- Users and industry segments
- Tools and usage
- PDF/X-Plus
- PDF/X and the other PDF standards

Stephan Jaeggi has contributed a chapter on PDF/X-Plus (about the Ghent Workgroup and PDFX-ready).
PDF/X in a Nutshell

Presentation on PDFX-ready Online Tools at PDF Days Europe 2017
At the PDF Days Europe 2017 organized by the PDF Association in Berlin Stephan Jaeggi was invited to give an english presentation on the PDFX-ready Online Tools:
YouTube video (40'33'')
Slides (PDF, 2.7 MB)

PDFX-ready Online Tools released
PDFX-ready has annonced the immediate availability of the PDFX-ready Online Tools. This is a new innovative service for the members of PDFX-ready and also (in a limited version) for non-members.
The PDFX-ready Online Tools allow performing interesting analyses and conversion on a server in the cloud with the help of a free PDFX-ready Connector. PDF Preflight checks the PDFs with the well-known preflight profiles of PDFX-ready and a comprehensive report is created. Color Preflight can determine the original color spaces of CMYK images in a PDF. The ISO<–>PSO Converter converts PDF files from FOGRA39 (ISO Coated V2) to FOGRA51 (PSO Coated V3) and vice versa. The results are sent via e-mail with a download link.

For uploading the PDF files and for filling in the job tickets a PDFX-ready Connector is required. The application is available in a FREEWARE version for everybody and PREMIUM versions for members of PDFX-ready. The PDFX-ready Connectors have been created with Enfocus Connect Send.

The PDFX-ready Online Tools are installed on a cloud server of Impressed. There Enfocus Switch is managing the processing of the uploaded PDF files. According to the entries of the job ticket the files are distributed to the Callas pdfToolbox Server for PDF Preflight and the ISO<–>PSO Converter or to the ColorLogic DocBees ProfileTagger for performing the Color Preflight. For transfering the results the internet service TeamBeam Pro is used.

The PDFX-ready Online Tools are generously supported by Callas Software, ColorLogic, Enfocus Software, Impressed, Calibrate, PDF-AKTUELL.
PDFX-ready has created a dedicated homepage for the PDFX-ready Online Tools at www.online-tools.ch
Homepage of the PDFX-ready Online Tools (www.online-tools.ch)

Maxium file size doubled for all PDFX-ready Connectors!
In our user survey many users are complaining about the small file sizes. We have reacted and are doubling the maximum file sizes for all PDFX-ready Connectors:

10 MB instead of 5 MB for FREEWARE
40 MB instead of 20 MB for PREMIUM Bronze (individual members)
100 MB instead of 50 MB for PREMIUM Silver (corporate members)
400 MB instead of 200 MB for PREMIUM Gold (PDFX-ready partners)

In order to benefit from the new file sizes a new PDFX-ready Connector is required.

The FREEWARE version of Connector V2.0 can be downloaded here. A new registration is required.

Members of PDFX-ready will receive an e-mail with the download information (including password) for their PREMIUM version from the PDFX-ready office once the payment of their membership fee for 2017 is received. (The invoices were distributed in the firstt week of February.)
Registration for PDFX-ready Online Tools FREEWARE

PDFX-ready Connector FREEWARE
In order to upload PDF files and the associated job tickets to the cloud server with the PDFX-ready Online Tools a small application called PDFX-ready Connector is required.

The FREEWARE version of the PDFX-ready Online Tools can be downloaded by everybody. Compared to the PREMIUM versions there are a few limitations (e.g. the file size) in the FREEWARE version.

Before downloading the PDFX-ready Connector a registration is required.
Registration for PDFX-ready Online Tools FREEWARE

PDFX-ready Connector PREMIUM
The PREMIUM versions of the PDFX-ready Connector are available only for PDFX-ready members. Depending on the member category (indiviual, corporate, partner) there are serveral versions available:
Members of PDFX-ready will receive an e-mail to the e-mail address in the member directory with a link to the registration page together with the necessary password.

The PREMIUM versions allow uploading bigger PDF files. In addition there are more options avaiable than in the FREEWARE version.

Information event on PDFX-ready Online Tools
On October 25th PDFX-ready hosted an information event at the Berufsschule für Gestaltung Zürich. More than one hundred users have attended the first public presentation of the final version of the PDFX-ready Online Tools.
After a welcome message of Jonas Schudel on behalf of the school management and a short introduction by the new president of PDFX-ready, Mathias Schunke (Ugra), Stephan Jaeggi (PrePress-Consulting), project leader of the PDFX-ready Online Tools, presented the features of PDFX-ready Online Tools and gave a glimpse behind the curtain. The results of the extensive beta test were also presented in this presentation and the most active beta tester Jürg Marti receveived a Premium GOLD version as a reward.

Afterwards Robert Zacherl (Impressed) presented the software which is used to build the PDFX-ready Online Tools and demoed other interesting features of these applications.

At the end all participants were invited to an apéro and networking.

PDFX-ready Settings V2.4 for PDF/X-4 Workflows with Adobe CS4-CC
PDFX-ready has released V2.4 of the PDF/X-4 CMYK and CMYK+RGB workflows for Adobe Creative Suite 4 til Creative Cloud.

The new version supports the new ECI color profiles for sheetfed offset printing based on ISO 12647-2:2013.

In addition the changes in the recently released GWG 2015 specifications of the Ghent (PDF) Workgroup have been incorportated.

In particular the color settings and the preflight profiles have been updated.
Adobe InDesign CS4-CC - PDF/X-4 CMYK
Adobe InDesign CS4-CC - PDF/X-4 CMYK+RGB

PDFX-ready Settings V1.4 for PDF/X-1a Workflow with Adobe CS4-CC
PDFX-ready has released V2.4 of the PDF/X-4 CMYK and CMYK+RGB Workflows for Adobe Creative Suite 4 til Creative Cloud.

The new version supports the new ECI color profiles for sheetfed offset printing based on ISO 12647-2:2013.
Adobe InDesign CS4-CC - PDF/X-1a CMYK

PDFX-ready Guideline now available in English
The PDFX-ready Guideline covers the entire workflow from the creation of images and illustrations, the design of the layout, the correct PDF export, preflight and output of PDF/X files. This guideline concentrates on the PDF/X-4 workflow using CMYK and spot colours.
PDFX-ready Guideline

PDFX-ready Output Test Pages
The PDFX-ready Output Test Pages can be used to check an output workflow for PDF/X-4 compatibility. The test pages are using the test patches of the Ghent PDF Output Suite 4.0.
Output Test

More information on german pages (translation)
On the german pages of PDFX-ready there is more detailed information about PDFX-ready workflows and settings available.
German PDFX-ready homepage in Google Translate

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